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What do we collect?

If you check out as a guest, we will respect your decision and our only communication with you will be concerning your order.

If you choose to register an account, we will ask for some information, like your name, email, physical address, phone number, etc...  This will make it easier for you to check out for future visits.

How do we use the information?

We will store this information to make it easier for you to check out in future visits.  Just sign in and we will be able to fill in some information at check out automatically. Shhhh! You might also be notified of some special discounts or promotional gimmicks.  We will do our best to only contact you with things, in which, we believe you will be interested.  If we contact you too often or with irrlevant content, all communication will come with an unsubscribe link.  We want to help you, not annoy you.

Can we be trusted?

We love your privacy! We are not the NSA.  We will never sell, trade, rent, give, or otherwise provide any of your information to anyone for any reason, without your express written consent.  It is possible that a 3rd party partner will need access to some or all of the information you provide.  If that is the case, our partner will have their own policies concerning privacy.  We will do what we can to make sure they have a similar policy to ours, but we can't be held liable for their policies.  Legally obtained subpoenas would also consitute an exception to the privacy rules.


Our policies are subject to change at any time. Use of this website in any way constitutes acceptance of this and all other posted policies. If you have questions or concerns about any of our policies, please contact us